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Orane will be in the business of proffering high value IT solutions, services and products in niche technology areas to its clientele - sans-frontiers. Our hands-on experience in developing a rationale, understanding the business, its complexity, research in the market etc, lends absolute stability and credibility to Orane's claim to fame.


♦   Strategic consulting: Business intelligence and Data warehousing, ERP

     (Oracle and SAP) consulting, IT, Emerging Technologies.

♦    Architecture consulting and system selection.

♦   Assessment and reviews of IT Service Management

Systems Integration

♦   Turnkey implementation

♦   Application software development/ customization

♦   Multi vendor management.

♦   Program management.

Application development

♦   Product management on behalf of principals.

♦   Development of in-house products.

♦   Development of specific frameworks and reusable components.

Enhancement & support

♦   Offshore development centers.

♦   Post sale support arm" for product vendors.

♦   Running global support centers for Orane Products.

Product Training / Technology Training

♦   MS Excel

♦   VBA

♦   Data Analytics

♦   Data Visualization

♦   Business Inteligence/ Data Warehousing

♦   Open source Application /development

♦   Mobile Apps Development


♦   MS Office suite

♦   Tablue

♦   Sisense

♦   Qlikview

Orane's focus will be primarily in IT- consulting; adding on to it is IT- solutions, services and Product Development. The emphasis is on Oracle, SAP and BI.


  • Enterprise Applications
  • BI/DW
  • Mobility

Application Development, Maintanance/Enhancement and Technical Support

We're application development agency specialising in delivering complex enterprise-level apps. Having the shortest possible delay between idea and launch is crucial in business, we use the industry's best patterns and practices plus the latest technologies to produce applications development. Do you have a vision for a web app, but need a passionate and experienced development partner to help you bring it to life? You're at the right door; never wait to getin, our approch in user-driven design & robust development across web & mobile will make the difference.

Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse

The current global business scenario demands timely access to precise and thoroughly validated information on a real time basis in order to anticipate changes and make proactive decisions. Our Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW) Solutions practice ensures the availability of business-critical information.

It also opens the door to competitive advantage and a host of other benefits, allowing companies to substantially enhance bottom-line profitability. Orane, by virtue of a highly qualified and experience team of BI experts has the wherewithal to deliver end to end Business Intelligence Services right from requirements definition through to design, development, deployment and post-implementation support. Our value addition is in terms of choosing the appropriate tools, implementing the best fit solutions, and ensuring that the clients successfully unlock the hidden value in the data.

BI Consulting Services

Orane's BI Consulting is a combination of accurate assessment and thorough study of client's BI / DW initiative and its various stages in the implementation lifecycle, which facilitates the complete execution of the BI implementation. The BI solution practice helps in identifying the problem briefly, followed up with the proposed alternative solutions and based on best management and SDLC practices implement the best fit solution.

These distinctive practices empower the client with a vision to make a quick and well- informed decision, and also enables us to deliver the service up to the client's expectations. Orane follows a simple, yet a well-defined road map to deliver this service: Readiness Assessment, Standard BI Tools, Quality Data, Consolidation of Data Mart, Analytical and Dashboard reports.

BI Development & Implementation Services

Any design, construction or implementation process of BI includes, gathering the requirements, designing and developing solutions, training and implementation, production and maintenance support during the post- production. These services are configured to deliver specific components, such as Data Modeling or ETL, of an entire Business Intelligence or Data Warehousing solution. Orane's key services comprise: BI Architecture/ Design, Data Model, ETL Strategy, Analytical Report, Performance Management. Orane has defined a crystal clear approach for its BI implementation, which includes:

♦   Creating BI vision & strategies and analyzing ROI

♦   Creating BI vision & strategies and analyzing ROI

♦   Designing, building and managing chronological and equipped information stores

♦   Designing, building and managing chronological and equipped information stores

♦   Data visualization, prediction and presentation by leveraging customized solution

♦   Managing and enhancing BI application & infrastructure

BI Maintenance & Enhancement Services

Orane's key for success in BI/DW projects is its post-implementation support and maintenance (MES). It is important for an organization to maintain up-to-date, accurate and consistent business information that streamlines the business process and will facilitate efficient decision making, enabling the client to gain a competitive advantage in the business.

Orane's data warehouse management team provides its clients with an effective management system and efficient service which includes Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 (Production support and Services, Application maintenance services, Enhancement services).

Mobility : Design | Develop | Deploy | Host | Manage

We offer a broad range of proven end-to-end capabilities and solutions across mobility strategy, mobile application development and testing. Developing applications across diverse mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, App Porting Services) for enterprises and small businesses. Enterprise Mobility essentially means development and implementation of mobile solutions across the entire spectrum of an enterprise. Cross platform mobility solutions and mobile applications are focused on helping product companies to develop cutting-edge products with budgectory investments. We Designs, develops, deploys, hosts, and manages mobility solutions.